Donor Appreciation

We are grateful to or donors. Our donors show an incredible passion for our cause. We would not be able to accomplish our goals without the generous support from our donors.

 Simple Sweet Coffee Shop
101a West Lincoln Ave Owensville MO 65022

Thank you for Hosting our August 12th 2023 Purse auction

The Piano Bar 
101 E. 4th street
Herman MO 65041

Collection at St James Evangelical Church

Thank you St James Evangelical Church!

Collection at St James Evangelical Church.JPG

Thank you Laduc Church!

Laduc Church Bland.jpg
Gretchen Bangert.jpg
Bridget Walsh Moore.jpg


Thank you Fidelity Communication for the wonderful donation. 

Community Foundation

Thank you Community Foundation of the Herman Area, Inc.

Three Rivers Helping Hands Community Foundation

Thank you Three Rivers.

Lakeside Book Company

Thank you lakeside Book Company (Owensville MO.)

Lyons Club District MD26-M2

Thank you Lyons Club for packaging 500 much needed Purses.

Lyons Club District MD26-M2

Stomp'n Grounds Espresso Bar

214 E 1st St, Hermann, MO 65041

Thank you for hosting our annual Hermann purse auction!!

With your help this event was a huge success.